Pre-Operative Instructions

pre operative instructions

Pre-Operative Instructions for Sedation and Surgery

What To Expect

Because the technique we use is conscious sedation, leaving the individual awake and breathing on his/her own, it is not necessary to go without food and water during the several hours leading up to surgery.  In fact, most people are more comfortable if they have a light meal, such as juice and toast, rather than coming in with an empty stomach.

Here are some helpful hints about specific situations:

  1. MEDICATIONS: Take all of your normal prescribed medications at the usual times.  This is especially important for blood pressure and diabetes medications. If you are taking a blood thinner, such as aspirin or Plavix, generally it is OK to continue with these medications, although you and Dr. Harvey should discuss your situation specifically before the surgery.  If you are taking warfarin/Coumadin, for example for atrial fibrillation, we will want to get a new Pro-time/INR and consult with your prescribing physician to determine the specific modifications of your warfarin/Coumadin.
  2. DRIVING: It is necessary to avoid driving the day of having sedation.  You will need an escort to drive you, even though you will walk out of the office feeling fine.  The sedation has a prolonged effect that is greater than it seems to the individual who has had the sedation.
  3. DURING THE PROCEDURE: Dr. Harvey will start an intravenous (IV) line and will administer the sedation a little bit at a time (titration).  Giving the sedation slowly allows each person to get the dose that is right ofr him/her, since sensitivity to sedation varies from person to person.  Expect to be awake and relaxed after the sedation has been administered, although the sedation causes a mild amnesia for most people, so you might not remember that you had been awake after the procedure is over. In addition to the sedation, Dr. Harvey will use local anesthesia (‘numbing’) for the surgery to make sure that there is no pain.

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