Post-Operative Instructions

post operative instructions

Post-Operative Instructions for Sedation and Surgery

  1. DO NOT DRIVE for the remainder of the day.
  2. Continue taking your prescription medications, including the medications prescribed by Dr. Harvey
  3. You should have a letter including handwritten notes by Dr. Harvey and his surgical assistant outlining the post-operative instructions specific for your situation. For example, if you have been off Coumadin/warfarin, generally it is advisable to re-start this blood thinner the night of the surgery. If you have questions about this on the night of surgery, please call Dr. Harvey (all surgery patients will be given his cell phone and home phone numbers).
  4. We recommend cold compresses (a flexible ice pack wrapped in a paper towel, which will be given to you following your surgery), 10-20 minutes every hour or two.  Dr. Harvey feels that the pressure is more important than the cold, although we recommend that you return the ice pack to the freezer between uses. Use the ice pack for the remainder of the day of surgery, and continue the first day or two after surgery if you do notice swelling in the area of the surgery.
  5. Minor bleeding is common following any oral surgery.  The best way to minimize the bleeding is to avoid rinsing vigorously and spitting, as both can prolong minor bleeding.  If you are having more bleeding than you are comfortable with, the best option is to try to find the spot that is bleeding and put gentle, steady pressure on that spot, for 10 full minutes, repeating as necessary.  If you have the right spot, there shouldn’t be any bleeding while you are applying the pressure. It is uncommon to have bleeding that needs this type of attention from you, the patient.
  6. It is usually feasible to begin careful brushing and flossing in the area that has had surgery within 2-3 days after the surgery.  Dr. Harvey and his assistant will have reviewed this with you, and you will also be given a prescription for a germ-killing mouthwash to use while the gums are healing and tender.

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