Implant Crowns

implant-crowns implant-crowns implant-crowns implant-crowns

Dental Implant Crowns in Tucson, AZ

Basically, a dental implant is the support structure for a restoration, in this case, a crown. You can think of the implant as being a titanium replacement for the root of the tooth that is missing. Dr. Harvey will place the implant, with or without extractions, and with or without bone grafting, depending upon your specific needs. Dr. Harvey will also place a healing cuff or temporary crown so that the gum tissue around the implant is healthy and has the proper shape for the implant crown.

When the jaw bone has healed strongly around the implant, Dr. Harvey will coordinate an appointment for you with your general or restorative dentist. Dr. Harvey will work closely with your dentist, helping to design the abutment and permanent implant crown. You will find that your implant crown looks and chews just like a natural tooth. It is important to brush and floss thoroughly around an implant crown so that the gum and bone supporting the implant remain healthy. Implant crowns are basically identical to crowns placed on natural teeth, although there is no drilling necessary in the process of making an implant crown.

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