Healthy Mouth, Healthy Body

healthy mouth healthy body

The Link Between Gum Disease and Other Disease Processes

Dr. Harvey finished his Periodontal Residency in 1983, and has spent his entire professional career helping patients gain control of their periodontitis (gum disease), thereby enabling these people to keep their natural teeth.  Well, guess what?  It turns out that in doing so, he has also been saving lives!

“Even though I am not surprised at the link between gum disease, in essence an infected mouth, and other systemic disease processes, the extent of the link is amazing. It turns out that having periodontal therapy, that is, getting your mouth healthy, actually decreases the risk of having a heart attack or stroke; improves outcomes with arthritis, including rheumatoid arthritis; improves control of diabetes; and apparently even reduces the risk of developing pancreatic cancer.”

The importance of having a Healthy Mouth in order to get or maintain a Healthy Body has never been more clear.

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