About Periodontics

about periodontics

Tucson Periodontic Expert Dr. Brien Harvey

What/Who is a Periodontist?

Periodontics literally means around (‘perio-‘) the tooth (-dontics).  It is the specialty within the field of dentistry pertaining to preventing and treating gum disease.  The tissues ‘around the tooth’ include the gums and the bone that holds the teeth in place. A periodontist is a dentist who helps patients get and keep their gums healthy.  By doing so, the bone supporting the teeth is protected from damage, and the teeth are saved. An exciting additional benefit of having healthy gums is that it will help keep your body healthy (see ‘Healthy Mouth – Healthy Body’). 

Basically, periodontitis (the ‘–itis’ means inflammation) is a chronic infection that occurs when the plaque germs are allowed to grow along and under the gum line. Over time, the localized infection, or inflammation, eats away the bone around the teeth. If left untreated, the teeth will eventually become loose and could require extraction. As with almost every disease process, the earlier periodontitis is diagnosed and treated, the better the outcome.

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